DITTCOMM specializes in High-Tech Cabling and Connections for Business Communications. DITTCOMM provides the following specialized services: Simple to Complex wiring installations of all media types such as, Voice, Data, Video, CATV, WIFI, Satellite, Wireless and Intercom Paging Systems. With today's technological growth and advancement, Category 5E & 6 Cabling Systems have become the standard for Voice and Data Communications. DITTCOMM’s standard installation practice is providing labeling at both ends of the station on products to ensure an easy and clear identification. DITTCOMM measures quality control by testing each and every cable installed with equipment that meets or exceeds the EIA/TIA industry standards. DITTCOMM can support LEC installs, turn up’s, and cut- overs for practically any Media type or LAN system supported by ISDN, T-1, DSL or Cable Modem services. DITTCOMM is continually changing with technology to meet the customer’s needs as faster, more efficient systems emerge.

DITTCOMM’s reputation is maintained primarily through direct customer interface as well as through the image portrayed over the last 16 years. The image is perfected and invested heavily upon from the careful design of the company logo, to other lucrative advertising and marketing tools. Staying abreast of the technological changes is viable to DITTCOMM’s success. Keeping clients current on all communications installations is key to preserving the reputation as well as follow-up survey’s to insure the company’s philosophy is met.