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3M Telecom Systems Group Program; Termination of Hot Melt ST Connectors.

AT&T Corporate Education Training; Assemble connectors onto optical fiber.

AT&T Global Private Networks AT&T ND3561/Fiber Component Installation Training Course.

AT&T High-5 Installer Product Course for EIA/ TIA standards.

AT&T Network Systems, AT&T High-5 Installation & ST/SC Fiber Connector Training.

AT&T Systimax SCS Design and Installation for High-5 Products and SC connectors.

Berk-Tek Network Cable Systems Products' Certified Installer Program; Offers 15yr. Warranty.

CCI 200 Series Voice Mail Certified Installer Program.

CSI Suttle Apparatus and Automatic Tool & Connector Certified Program; Offers 15 Yr. Warranty.

Fiber Instrument Sales (FIS) Certification Program; Fiber Optic Certified Installer.

HILTI Qualified Operator Powder Actuated Tools.

Hubbell Premise Wiring, Inc. Certification Program; Certifies DITTCOMM as Installer offering a 15 year warranty on Hubbell Products.

Krone Product Training; Proficient in installation of all Krone Products.

Leviton Telcom Certified Installer Program; Offers 15yr. Warranty.

Lucent Technologies Basic Legend and Partner Certified Installer Program; Certifies DITTCOMM as Certified Installer.

Lucent Technologies Certification Course; Completion of CAT. 5 Installation and Systimax Product Training for EIA/ TIA Standards.

MOD-TAP Copper and Fiber Certification Program; Certifies DITTCOMM as Installer, capable of offering a 15 year warranty on all MOD-TAP Products; Enables DITTCOMM to extended lifetime warranty included for all passive components supplied by MOD-TAP.

Mohawk/ CDT Certification Program; Accredited Contractor Program using Mohawk/ CDT's Network Cable Products.

Northern Telecom Meridian Business Systems Training Meridian SL-1 Installation.

Ortronics Open System Architecture Certified Installer Plus Program; 1994- Certifies DITTCOMM as Installer and enables a certified contractor to offer a 25 year warranty on Ortronics Products.
Installer Identification # 2447

Panduit Certified Installer Program; Offers 15yr. Warranty.

SIECOR Engineering Services- Installation of the Siecor ST Compatible Field - Installable Fiber Optic Connector.

Superior Modular Products; Certified Installer for Voice Grade Copper & Data CAT. 5 Copper; Offers 15yr. Warranty.

Valcom Loudspeaker Paging Systems-2000 Series Certification Program; Certifies DITTCOMM as Certified Installer.

Belden Electronics Division has certified Dittcomm Technologies as a Belden Registered Installation Contractor (BRIC)

Professional Training
Dun and Bradstreet Supervisors Workshop Training 1994.

Professional Effectiveness Training Course; specialized training course for field technicians 1998.

Professional Management Training Course; specialized management objectives for senior management 1998.

Small Business Administration (U.S. SBA); SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) Business Management Counseling 1993.

Texas Employment Commission (T.E.C.) Business Conference 94-99.

Bullet Proof Manager II Training; Various Topics and Dates for 98-99