DITTCOMM specializes in High-Tech Cabling and Connections for Business Communications.

DITTCOMM provides the following specialized services: Simple to complex wiring installations of all media sources such as, voice, data, video, catv and wireless systems. With today's technological growth, Category 6 cabling systems have become the standard for data communications. DITTCOMM has over forty highly trained technicians certified by top manufactures to ensure the highest quality product available. It has become DITTCOMM’s standard installation practice to provide labeling at both ends of the station on products to ensure an easy, clear identification. DITTCOMM measures quality control by certifying each and every Category 6 install with test equipment that currently exceeds the EIA/TIA industry specifications.

Adapting with an existing cabling system, DITTCOMM can handle virtually several media types such as, IBM, Twin-ax, Thin-Net and Thick-Net. DITTCOMM is continually changing with technology to meet the customers needs as faster, more efficient systems emerge.